Daniel Weinman Wins 2023 World Series of Poker Main Event for $12,100,000

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Daniel Weinman became the new world champion, earning a prize of $12,100,000 in record-breaking World Series Of Poker Main Event.

Daniel Weinman Wins 2023 World Series of Poker Main Event for $12,100,000

After two weeks of play, nine poker players reached the final table:

PlayerCountryStack (Big Blinds)
Adam WaltonUnited States120 BB
Steven JonesUnited States75 BB
Daniel WeinmanUnited States68 BB
Jan-Peter JachtmannGermany62 BB
Juan MaceirasSpain57 BB
Ruslan PrydrykUkraine42 BB
Dean HutchisonScotland35 BB
Daniel HolznerItaly27 BB
Toby LewisEngland17 BB

The game on the final table lasted 164 hands. The final was split into two days: on the first day, table played until only three people remained, and the champion was determined on the following day.

The first final day was relatively short, lasting only two and a half levels. There were 43 hands played before the first elimination, but afterwards, players gradually started to be eliminated one by one:

  • Daniel Holzner lost a coin flip with A J against T T of Steven Jones.
  • Juan Maceiras shoved 11BB with K 9 and lost to A T of Toby Lewis.
  • Lewis was then eliminated by Steven Jones, who won a coin flip again with pocket 9s, this time against K J .
  • Sixth place went to Dean Hutchison (pocket 5s against pocket 7s of Daniel Weinman).
  • Ruslan Prydryk finished fifth when he couldn’t buy the right card for his Q T against A J of Daniel Weinman.

After Jan-Peter Jachtmann lost the rest of his stack to Adam Walton’s aces, the final three players remained:

PlayerCountryStack (Big Blinds)
Steven JonesUnited States119 BB
Daniel WeinmanUnited States100 BB
Adam WaltonUnited States83 BB

Despite the international composition of the finals, three US players emerged as chip leaders and made it to the 3-max stage. The following are the highlights of the second-to-last day:

Despite the deep stacks, the end of the final day came quickly. In the second hand following the first break, Walton decided to open with pocket 8s. However, Weinman’s squeeze forced him to go all-in with his 80 blinds. Unfortunately for Walton, his opponent was dealt aces. He missed the backdoors and gutshot, resulting in a 3rd place finish.

During the heads-up match, Weinman had a significant advantage of 140 big blinds compared to 60 big blinds, and the game concluded within a short period of time, lasting only half an hour. In the deciding hand, Jones made an opening bet with J 8 and was called by Weinman with K J . The flop was J 5 2 . Weinman check-raised, got called, and then bet 19 big blinds on the 4 turn. Jones, after thinking for about four minutes, shoved all-in, and Weinman called. On the river came A .

WSOP 2023 Main Event Final Table Payouts

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (USD)
1Daniel WeinmanUnited States$12,100,000
2Steven JonesUnited States$6,500,000
3Adam WaltonUnited States$4,000,000
4Jan-Peter JachtmannGermany$3,000,000
5Ruslan PrydrykUkraine$2,400,000
7Dean HutchisonScotland$1,850,000
8Toby LewisEngland$1,425,000
9Daniel HolznerItaly$1,125,000

The most titled player won the final, as in the previous two years.

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